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My wife is bisexual – and I LOVE IT


Jessica Szohr and Riley Steele lesbian Kiss

Jessica Szohr and Riley Steele lesbian Kiss (Photo credit: LesMedia)

My wife is bisexual – and I think it’s fantastic. As far as I’m concerned, having a bisexual wife should be every straight man’s dream.

My wife and I got into the swinger lifestyle in a large part because my wife is bisexual and I wanted to support her in exploring that part of herself.

(And of course, I have my own selfish interests for becoming swingers – I thought it would be really hot to watch my wife with another woman. And it turns out, to my surprise, I also loved watching my wife with another man. Not to mention the thrills of getting to have sex with other women myself.)

But not all guys are happy to have a bisexual wife. My wife and I have a friend who is now divorced, who said that her bisexuality was part of the reason why she and her husband got divorced. She wanted to date other women, and he wasn’t comfortable with it. (And listening to her story, I was thinking, “Why wouldn’t he be comfortable with it? That is SO HOT! I LOVE the fact that my wife wants to have sex with other women. If you find a woman who wants to have sex with other women, don’t divorce her – MARRY HER.” Of course, I don’t see things the same way that other guys do – which is one of the many reasons why I’m polyamorous.)

Here are a few reasons why I love having a bisexual wife:

1. We can check out women together. My wife and I are constantly (discreetly) checking out other women while we’re out. We notice good looking women at a restaurant or bar, and my wife and I exchange a knowing glance.

2. She’s my “wingman” for poly dating and swinger dating. My wife and I can compare notes on what we feel from each new woman we meet – are we into her? Does she seem into us? What do we think about this woman? Does she seem promising, or not?

3. I get to watch my wife have sex with other women. So, so good. You haven’t lived until you’ve gotten to watch your wife licking pussy, tasting another woman, flicking her tongue over another woman’s clitoris, drinking her in. God damn. I’m gonna pass out, just thinking about the latest memory of our last group sex session.

4. We understand each other better – we have yet another thing in common. I think the fact that my wife is bisexual – and that I am supportive of it – has brought us closer together. My wife has a better understanding of why I love to have sex with women. (We have a shared enthusiasm for performing cunnilingus.) I have an additional level of appreciation and respect for my wife’s awe-inspiring, ravishing sexuality.

5. We can go to strip clubs together. Lots of married men love to go to strip clubs, but they have to do it secretly – or feel guilty about it, or not fully enjoy it. Or they have wives who allow them to go to strip clubs, but without enthusiasm. My wife likes to go to strip clubs with me. She likes to watch me enjoy the women, and she likes to see so many women’s bodies – it helps her feel sexier and feel more empowered about her own body, to see so many different shapes and body types, and see the sexy, erotic confidence that each woman portrays.

6. I just really love women a lot and it’s great to have a wife who loves women too. I can tell my wife ANYTHING. I can tell her about a woman I met who I think is sexy, I can show her my favorite porn videos (we watch a lot of porn together too, especially lesbian porn), I can talk with her about our wildest fantasies.

What married couple wouldn’t want to have this kind of closeness, honesty and understanding in their relationship?

Fellas, if you can meet a bisexual woman, hang on to her. And a lot of women are at least a little bit bi-curious, if not full-fledged bisexuals. (Women’s sexual desires are different from men in this way – women are much more likely to have sexual feelings for other women than men are for other men.) Men should try to cultivate a healthy amount of bi-curiousness with the women in their lives.

Do you have a bisexual wife? What do you think about this? Do you love having a bisexual wife, or is it difficult sometimes? 

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